A tale about the tureen and the ladle (2014)

By Michael Ende
Adaptation: Tanya Georgieva
Director: Iroslav Petkov
Staging: Mara Ibrishimova

 Music: Gergana Vasileva
Cast: Tatyana Andreeva, Tanya Georgieva, Lyuben Chanev

It’s a story about two kingdoms separated from a high mountain. So high that no one was able to cross it.
Or maybe no one didn’t want to ...
It’s a story about a tureen and a ladle but not just simple ones. When someone uses the ladle, the tureen gets full of tasty soup better than anyone could imagine. And it never ends no matter how hungry people are. The only problem is that the kingdom at the right side of the mountain possesses the tureen and the other one possesses the ladle.
The question is how to pull them together…
It’s also a story about Prince Safyan and Princess Pralina who fall in love on the top of the hill…

You can see on your own how the story ends!