“The white crow” (2016)

Author: Karel Capek
Dramatization and directing: Lyubomir Kolaksazov
Scenography: Victoria Andrekova
Music: Hristo Namliev
Cast: Dilyana Spasova, Tsveti Penyashki, Kiril Antonov, Tanya Georgieva



“The white crow” is a story about a roamer called Frantishek Kral who was left to watch over a briefcase. He guarded what was inside the case with honesty and dignity. But then he was arrested, accused of a crime and sentenced to death. And that’s not even all!
Frantishek Kral became very popular not only between the people, but also between the crows.
That’s a story about the integrity of the poor, little man and the prejudice of the society composed of soulless corrupted clerks who think that happiness is possible only if you’re rich.
“The white crow” is the cry of the crows searching for the man who has never stolen anything but who became their king.