"To Put It Mildly" (2019)

By Valeri Petrov
Staging and adaptation: Tsveti Penyashki
Stage design: Iliana Stefanova
Music: Milen Apostolov
Choreography: Maria Dimitrova
Cast: Elitsa Stoyanova, Stanislav Matev, Dilyana Spasova, Lyuben Chanev, Kaloyan Georgiev



The staging team includes the director - Tsveti Penyashki, the stage design expert - Iliana Stefanova, the composer - Milen Apostolov, the choreographer - Maria Dimitrova and all the actors on the stage - Elitsa Stoyanova, Dilyana Spasova, Kaloyan Georgiev, Lyuben Chanev and Stanislav Matev. All together, they present the ugliness of the lies and make us aware of the troubles and sadness we cause to the people we love and to ourselves by lying.
Willing to enlarge his collection of Indians toys, the little boy called Svetlyo decides to tell a lie. He says that he didn’t receive the letter from his grandmother with the money inside it. While having a sleep he learns that bad people don’t deserve mercy and that if you want others to be good with you, you have to do good on your own.